Something is a bit wrong with my blog.. I dont exactly know what my blog design here should be responsive meaning if you were to make your browser window small it should all neatly compact together... but that really does not happen the opposite in fact and everything just bunches up in a real mess.. and think some css is broken I dont know what my blog looks like on a mobile phone but I hope it doesn't mess up like it does when you have my blog open in a small browser window.... Hmm I dont want to change blog designs as I really do like this design I may try and edit and correct the issue when I got time If I can. If anyone has any suggestions then I am all ears!
I have a plan that I have just thought of... I am going to get really big arm muscles but the last time I tried with weights to get big arms I ended up pulling my bicep or something which kind hurt (a lot).

I am really wanting to get fit this new year but I am really suffering at the moment with a bicep injury... my guns really hurt...Anyway I was thinking that the best way for me to stay healthy and my arms to not shrink and dwindle away is to do resistance training with resistance bands as I have heard that this kind of exercise can be just as good as weights but does not carry such a risk of straining and injury that weight training has. I have been looking online and can only find a few different types of resistance bands to choose from I honestly thought that there would actually be more of a choice but unfortunately there isn't.. But eventually I did find some good ones over on nuovahealth which never lets me down when getting sports and health stuff as I always seem to find goodies there for some reason. So hopefully this will mean that my arms will stay big and I dont have to worry about getting weak over the winter because each day I will aim at doing at least 30 minutes with these things so wish me look. Oh yeah my aim is to get strong enough and when my biceps do fully recover to then move on back to weight training again.