I started using joomla for one of my website and this is what I have found.. it isn't very good at all possible the worst cms on earth.

Joomla boast a incredibly hard user interface that is just tedious and really annoying to work with. Joomla on first install allso perists on adding a load of poitnless welcome to joomla and this is joomla pages that are just really just stupid and time consuming to delete. Finally once you have deleted them you cannot simply set up your website really quickly you have to arrnage stuff correctly which can take some time.

This content management system is really resource heavy and thus is really slow loading and not good at all if you want a fast relaible website and because it is easy to break strucutres io joomla you may find pages giving errors and all sort if you do not know whaty your doing.

But one of the biggest things for me is the secrutity with joomla.. it is simply rubbish, joomla sites are the most easily hacked apperantly with people ebing able to break into joomla sites that dont use any dodgy pluign or themse and just have joomla on them because earlier joomlas and the current joomla for that matter have big secruity holes in it.

Don't rely on joomla, with little support, little design aspects and at the end of the day and the huge head ache after using it you will be left with a poor website which you could have easily created using wordpress in a third of the time and which will be much more secure.

Im not the only one annoyed by joomla

Creativity and your own style. Ignore all the critics I say when it comes to creativity and design you should find your own style powered by your own inspiration.. what inspire you shouldn't be based on superficial reasoning like "what if people dont like it" or trying to conform to trends.. after all trends and opinions change all the time and art and design that was once hip can change just like that... Why should I imprison myself into creating designs for others to then dismiss as boring later on... I get far more pleasure out of creating designs for myself anyway that have my own personal meaning in them. Not only that but having a design with which is created based upon you own motivations and inspirations that are not superficial helps fuel your creativity and makes far better peices of art. So dont create art for superficial reasoning.
Hey strangers I dont know.... Because I want to get fit I wish to do some more walking up around the country side where I live.. so far I attempted a walk today however my feet are now killing me and ache so much so was wondering what the best insoles were for the job? Im not gonna be spending huge bucks on £100 insoles im not that mad .
I guess also that it doesn't matter what shoes you wear if there flat they will hurt and il need some good insoles. Also I dont want to buy amazon ones because I am against amazon and there monopoly over the world and never buy a single item from amazon.

I have looked at a few and one of my friends said he got a pair from ere which have worked for him, dunno if they will be the best or not because I have odd shaped feet  what do you think...

Also can it be that I need to do foot exercises to strengthen my feet and over time my feet become more resilient... kind like playing guitar your finger become stronger and the strings hurt less?

I aim to at least do 2 hours of walking in the mornings from now on!
Help would be really good.
Thank you.
 I have always been small and I have HAD ENOUGH! I want to be taller for the new year... So I have got a plan.
Look at what I have found...Height increasing insoles! I have been searching just about non stop in a attempt to find something.. anything which will make me look taller if just a little bit. After much trawling of the internet about on all sorts of different ways and trying them out for myself many did not work at all I just didnt see any height increase whatsoever despite what they were saying on the internet nothing seemed to work.. I even bought a dumb ebook but the only help that was in making me taller was if I stood on it. Well I was about to give up all hope and started to resign to the fact that im just gonna be 5ft 9 all the time. Then finally I thought what if I artificially made myself taller? Then that got me thinking about my shoes and how I could trick folks into thinking I'm taller if I put something in my shoes to make me taller. I did a little research and found out that you could use elevator shoes to make you self taller. I the read up on these elevator shoes the read the review on it... They didn't look promising as people said you get laughed at for wearing them because the shoe are so obvious its silly. The I read in some comments of one person blog about them telling everyone about height increasing insoles and how they weren't obvious at all because of the fact they are inside you ordinary shoes and you can hardly tell at all when some one has them on. PERFECT! I thought... so I have just ordered myself a pair today online from this place. Hopefully at Christmas I will be taller and at the new years office party people will be admiring how tall i will be. MUAHAHA! Well it maybe a little odd if all of a sudden I am 4 inches taller so what I will do is slowly add more and more stacks to them so gradually I get taller and nobody will notice or question how... that sounds like the perfect plan to me!