I started using joomla for one of my website and this is what I have found.. it isn't very good at all possible the worst cms on earth.

Joomla boast a incredibly hard user interface that is just tedious and really annoying to work with. Joomla on first install allso perists on adding a load of poitnless welcome to joomla and this is joomla pages that are just really just stupid and time consuming to delete. Finally once you have deleted them you cannot simply set up your website really quickly you have to arrnage stuff correctly which can take some time.

This content management system is really resource heavy and thus is really slow loading and not good at all if you want a fast relaible website and because it is easy to break strucutres io joomla you may find pages giving errors and all sort if you do not know whaty your doing.

But one of the biggest things for me is the secrutity with joomla.. it is simply rubbish, joomla sites are the most easily hacked apperantly with people ebing able to break into joomla sites that dont use any dodgy pluign or themse and just have joomla on them because earlier joomlas and the current joomla for that matter have big secruity holes in it.

Don't rely on joomla, with little support, little design aspects and at the end of the day and the huge head ache after using it you will be left with a poor website which you could have easily created using wordpress in a third of the time and which will be much more secure.

Im not the only one annoyed by joomla


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