I have always been small and I have HAD ENOUGH! I want to be taller for the new year... So I have got a plan.
Look at what I have found...Height increasing insoles! I have been searching just about non stop in a attempt to find something.. anything which will make me look taller if just a little bit. After much trawling of the internet about on all sorts of different ways and trying them out for myself many did not work at all I just didnt see any height increase whatsoever despite what they were saying on the internet nothing seemed to work.. I even bought a dumb ebook but the only help that was in making me taller was if I stood on it. Well I was about to give up all hope and started to resign to the fact that im just gonna be 5ft 9 all the time. Then finally I thought what if I artificially made myself taller? Then that got me thinking about my shoes and how I could trick folks into thinking I'm taller if I put something in my shoes to make me taller. I did a little research and found out that you could use elevator shoes to make you self taller. I the read up on these elevator shoes the read the review on it... They didn't look promising as people said you get laughed at for wearing them because the shoe are so obvious its silly. The I read in some comments of one person blog about them telling everyone about height increasing insoles and how they weren't obvious at all because of the fact they are inside you ordinary shoes and you can hardly tell at all when some one has them on. PERFECT! I thought... so I have just ordered myself a pair today online from this place. Hopefully at Christmas I will be taller and at the new years office party people will be admiring how tall i will be. MUAHAHA! Well it maybe a little odd if all of a sudden I am 4 inches taller so what I will do is slowly add more and more stacks to them so gradually I get taller and nobody will notice or question how... that sounds like the perfect plan to me!


Hilary said...

Elevvator shoes, eh? Hopefully you won't get shafted. ;)

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