Don't you just hate it when you get legal threats online... I seem to always attract legal threat for "copyright" even though I am not infringing upon anything.... I once got a legal threats about on of my art blogs posting art that looked similar to another artists work but wasn't where they demanded I remove the art within 24 hours or face legal action, I ended up just making a insulting and mocking  post about how rubbish that artists work was on my tinyreddesign blog..... which was quite funny and made the artists look stupid......nothing resulted in the empty and rude legal threat I got either.... just public humiliation for the person doing the threatening.  Most recently and what prompted me to post right now was some idiot who using my own blogs (you can find a few of them using my Google account profile for my blogger blogs) to notify me in the comments  telling me I should remove/delete because they didn't like the fact that it was similar to their name.... kind of laughable really and claimed that they had "copyrighted" the name.. which is kind of impossible really because you cant copyright a name only trademark the name.... they even described how they patented the name also which was amusing. oh and by the way the names weren't even the same as they were using awesome commodore which isn't the same as commoder is awesome ... They do not have a trademark on this name anyway.... its just a laughable website with nothing really going for it at all..... in fact it rather new I wouldn't be surprised if my blog was around for longer....... anyway they posted these comments demanding I delete the blog way back in January...... or face scary legal action... I have not seen the spam comments they left until now.... and I have had no knocks on the door... and why would I have done nothing wrong.... only maybe rank above them for something like commodore is awesome I think this is the reason why they wanted me to remove my blog because they got a bit angry and wanted to take me down..?

It really doesn't look good for your website if you leave threatening blog comments on peoples sites for all to see you just makes you come across as a nasty idiot!

Anyway I have decided that I need to write more on commodore is awesome from now on because I started it and forgot about the blog..... so I guess them trying to get me to delete it and remove it from the face of the internet has just prompted me to remember the blog and done the opposite.... THANKS!

My advise is if you know your 100% in the right then ignore morons who dish out these pointless and downright nasty legal threats...... nothings going to come of them and if they ever did take you to court they will just be wasting their money and time....maybe you could even get compensation for wasting yours or something? who knows, maybe even sue them for libel if they posted the threat for all to see! but there isn't anything to worry about.



Anonymous said...

Boring post, you sound like a right dick, get a life and stop trolling old websites.

Anonymous said...

Stealing other peoples previously deleted blog names to maximise hits is kinda sad mark, why don't you create your own blogger names?

Anonymous said...

Your a big fraud who copies peoples websites for your own benefit, this is my website and you have seemed to have taken my design as well as the design on my other websites too! No wonder the commodoreisawesome guys are pissed at you, really can you not think for yourself? Really sad man.

Anonymous said...

Try not to be a hypocritical prick Mark, because from where I stand, YOU'RE the one who's really sad.

You started all of this, and instead couldn't bring yourself to understand why YOU pissed others off. Get a life weasel, and start doing stuff for yourself instead of stealing other peoples stuff.

I'm sure if you take down the blogger that is at the centre of all this, we will also remove our duplicates too, but it's all up to you.

Platinum Black said...

The only thing that is muddy and sloppy is what comes out of your arse!

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