Helping others is more important than helping yourself, but is a concept alien to society nowadays especially in England where "benefits" which are there to support those less fortunate is seen as something to sneer and hate! The almost greedy rhetoric being thrown out by people of the houses of commons who apparently are democratically elected is rather evil and goes to show peoples greed.. basically they are trying to insight hate towards the less fortunate calling them lazy people who want to live on benefits.. but these politicians are not just all words as they have been stopping people benefits totally... as though these people do not deserve a life. Yes you could argue that you should be encouraging people to have a better life and work but the way the politicians are going about it and making out that people are on benefits are scum is appalling....

In my view calling people a drain on society is wrong.... surely their evil views are draining society of all morals and creating a vicious greedy society based on the survival of the fittest or rather survival of the greediest.
There are no jobs... and the politicians are not creating jobs but are increasing immigration and creating less demand for jobs.. big company's can now use excuses of "experience required" for non jobs meaning people need to seek experience through working for big business free labor from a almost unlimited supply of slaves for them.

Setting up your own small business sis rather impossible to say the least competing with company's with unstoppable power and even influence in government....

It is all so convenient for the people at the top.


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