I am not saying that there is anything wrong with science.....as learning how things work obviously advances our technology, medicine and  you could even start to look the big bang theory as actually affirming the belief that something created that big bang in the first place. What I am trying to say (however bad my grammar is) is that science can only tell you how things work and not why something is...how it is.  So I simply do not get atheists view that science is the be all and end all.

Science really does not make much sense fundamentally science. As it contradicts itself unless someone else (god) is helping science along as the way. Their is no real scientific explanation as to how or why a mass of atoms created by the big bang would eventually even after billions of years start interacting with each other in such a way that would create you and I with thoughts and emotions, as after all even though we are made up of atoms you dont look at a rock and think yes that rock is alive as well because it too is made up of atoms! So why isnt that rock alive as well? Some people may argue that its because of evolution and the special way the atoms are interacting with each other that has created our existence. But that begs the question as to why the atoms know how and why to interact with each other like they do to create life. Our body and mind biologists have proved to be a very complex system of organs and different parts all working together to keep us going... Im not arguing that this isnt the case but rather that we are designed to be and that it takes far more than just evolution or a system to make us who we are otherwise a car would technically be alive just like the rock. It takes cause to make the atoms that make up the universe to come together and interact.
 Just think of the the simple concept that if you had a theoretical box with a piece of paper written on it that says 1+1=2 and closed the box for all eternity what is written on the piece of paper will never change.  My point being is that atoms are static and do not change on their own they may react and create elements but that's all they ever are..... static and purposeless.... existence is not this! just a combination of atoms doesn't make something alive because life is more than atoms, science or maths... its the existence of a soul which is who you are and what has defined our existence and how life has came to be in the first place otherwise at their would have not been a start of the universe because that would imply that someone would have changed that 1+1=2 to say something else... and that would require someone to have done that anyway! If that wasn't enough these impossible questions are only looking at the how as well and not the WHY!

Life is a miracle in itself...... Why cant scientist get this?

Theory's in science are always being discovered, disproved and replaced but some people use science as a way of answering questions such as our existence when these questions cannot be answered by science!

I always like disproving atheism!


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